Air Pressure

Air Pressure 1.0

A visual novel with multiple endings


  • Interesting concept
  • Good Japanese style images
  • Mutliple endings


  • Very Short

Not bad

Air Pressure is a short visual novel about a relationship and its outcomes.

Like adventure games, a visual novel allows players some control over their destiny. At various points you can choose what response to give to a comment or question, which will change the final outcome of the story.

Air Pressure can be played with the keyboard or mouse. Keyboard controls are explained in a Read Me file accompanying the download. It's not a hard game at all because you can't die, and whether or not the ending you find is good or not is probably personal opinion!

While there is nothing offensive about Air Pressure, it has an odd atmosphere and is strongly metaphorical, making it not suitable for younger players. Although it's an interesting concept and it's well executed, it is a shame that the game isn't longer, because fast readers will be able to zip through it in minutes and find the three endings without much difficulty.

Air Pressure is a short game, but is unlike anything else you'll play this year. Some people may find it a bit pretentious, but it's worth playing through anyway!

Air Pressure


Air Pressure 1.0

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